Mission Teams

The Haiti Education Alliance

Cynthia Mudd, President and Founder

Thirsty People provides water filters for THEA to take on biannual trips to Haiti each year.   THEA's focus is on education.  They provides tuition assistance to students at the primary, secondary, vocational, and college levels in order to empower individual lives, families, and communities.   THEA uses the filters to further their educational efforts in Haiti by resourcing a local water filter business.  The business owners pay a low, subsidized price for each filter and sell them for a slightly higher cost to local residents of their village.  Value is placed on items that are paid for, and the business opportunity is great for these young students.  They are learning valuable business skills.  At the same time, the business owners hold local seminars to educate the public on the benefits of drinking clean water for their health and economic development.  Thirsty People president, Amy Jimenez, joins a THEA team traveling to Haiti once per year.


Paseo Christian Church

Point of Contact, Steve Jolly

Paseo Christian Church in El Paso, TX works alongside a church planted by IberoAmerican Ministries in Ecuador.  They use water filters to help local church members to reach their neighbors for Christ and meet basic needs.   On each short term trip, they share filters with approximately 100 families.  They teach each family how to use and care for the filter.  Many of these friends come to know and follow Christ and become a part of his body, the church.  A team from Paseo travels to Ecuador twice a year and Thirsty People helps to resource the water filters they need for each trip.  Board members Amy Jimenez and Susie Leavelle traveled to Ecuador with this team in 2011.



Western Hills Church of Christ

Point of Contact, Susie Leavelle

The Mission Leadership Team at Western Hills sponsored a short term trip to Carrilo Puerto and Filmeno Mata, Mexico to support the efforts of Martin Gonzalez, missionary to Mexico from Temple, TX.  Martin travels to Mexico at least twice a year.  They introduced Thirsty People water filters to a Mayan village where clean water is difficult to access.   Board members Raymon Jimenez and Susie Leavelle traveled to Mexico in 2014.

 Mexico 1

Cambodia Christian Ministries

Ron Thrift, Board Member and Point of Contact

Thirsty People is currently partnering with Cambodia Christian Ministries to send filters with short term medical mission teams to Phnom Penh,
Cambodia.  Working with a local missionary there, these filters help the team to offer clean drinking water, a tremendous tool in fighting many medical conditions, while introducing people to Jesus Christ.  Teams from this organization travel to Cambodia several times per year.


Temple Bible Church

Point of Contact: Danny Cunningham, Executive Pastor

Temple Bible Church in Temple, TX has a sister church in Base' Rwanda.  They plan to start taking water filters with short term teams in the summer of 2015 to resource local Christians with a tool to meet the needs of their neighbors and to share Jesus Christ with them.  We look forward to this partnership growing in the future!


rwanda map 2


African Christian Ministries

Point of Contact:  Lori Covington, President